Due to lack of connections, the right strategies and capital, a lot of brilliant start-ups across the globe are fading into oblivion. At Hasu Digital, we understand how difficult it is for emerging businesses with great potential to source the capital they need to get started and bring their vision to fruition, especially when it comes to web3 projects. Since our establishment, we have been consultants for multiple crypto projects and contributed to their success. We believe blockchain and cryptocurrency are the future and through our crypto consultancy company, we aim to deploy capital into multiple crypto market segments to catalyze blockchain projects and help businesses raise funds utilizing the best blockchain implementations and cryptocurrency fundraising.


We draw from the knowledge, skill, and expertise we have gathered from over half a decade in the blockchain and business development industry so you can rely on our experience to help you achieve and exceed your goals. 


To help the projects/businesses to meet investment requirements, we participate in private sales at an institutional level once we determine that our principles as a crypto investing company align with their business’ ICO goals. 


At Hasu Capital, we invest in businesses following their initial private sales when they debut into the market to empower them with the capital, they require to fully fund their operations as they work towards reaching profitability. 



At Hasu Digital, we partner with web3 project founders to help them get the visibility they need to reach their ideal customers, convert leads into sales and generate more revenue.


Hasu Digital partners with web3 and crypto start-ups to increase their exposure and give them a competitive edge in their respective markets. We deliver marketing services, tailored to your business’s unique needs, allowing you to reach high intent leads and compel them into engaging in business with you.



The key to keeping your crypto project afloat at any point is ensuring that you not only stay relevant but also keep customers coming through your doors both physically and virtually. Drawing from our years of experience in the game, we help start-ups with our tried and tested high-impact digital marketing strategies keeping them ahead of their competition and helping them position their product higher in the market. 


No matter how innovative your crypto product is, if you do not have a solid strategy, it will be destined for failure. From the drawing board to market deployment, Hasu Digital helps businesses in designing a customized roadmap for the products and services they have to offer, helping them define their vision, ensure that their crypto product or service effectively serves the target customer and ultimately drive more profits to their business. 


To all the start-ups and business that need help growing their business, we also offer practical advice and support and improve all aspects of their business and enhance its earning potential. Our advisory services are targeted at helping businesses in not only optimizing their day-to-day operations but also in helping them identify and take advantage of growth opportunities that will make their crypto products more profitable.


At Hasu Capital, we provide scalable business development services that allow them to effectively address all problems they are facing, mitigate risks and seize lucrative growth opportunities. Our experienced business consultants take their time to understand the crypto product and business model before formulating strategies that are not only tailored to their business needs but are also specially developed to grow with them.


The way your crypto product and business as a whole is perceived in the market determines its authority in the market and overall success. At Hasu Capital, we partner with businesses to help them effectively translate their values, policies and what they stand for to the public. Our in-house relations consultants work as an extension of the business to help them ensure that they translate the essence of their business just the way they want it to be perceived by the public.


While certain situations at any point in time cannot be avoided, measures can be taken to prevent them before they happen or reduce their effect after they take place. At Hasu Capital, we specialize in helping businesses and investors to anticipate changes they can take advantage of, reactive strategies to minimize damage and more, allowing them to be fully prepared for the future.



From marketing strategies to business development and more, Hasu Capital offers a broad range of services that allow you to establish your business from the ground up and grow it into a successful revenue-generating machine.